Project Title

Type of Trainee

Toshiharu AbeMechanisms and treatments of inflammatory bone lossPost-doc
Mohamad Husam AlbzrehThe oxidative burst response of human neutrophils to P. gingivalisGraduate/Master's
Nur BalciMechanisms of LAD-associated periodontitisPost-doc
Camille BansonMechanisms of complement involvement in periodontitis and rational therapeutic interventionDMD Student/Summer Research
Chungyu (Gary) ChangDevelopment of DEL-1-specific ELISA to investigate the relationship between DEL-1 and periodontitisDMD Student/Summer Research
Paul A. CieroAge-associated periodontal bone loss in normal and TLR2- or MyD88-deficient miceGraduate/Master's
Hisanori DomonImpact of aging on innate immunity and periodontal diseasePost-doc
Mehmet Akif EskanAge-associated changes in innate immunity and their impact on inflammatory diseaseGraduate/PhD
Melanie GenoulaSenescence in hematopoietic progenitorsPost-doc
Robyn Hemmings DEL-1 levels in human periodontitisDMD Student/Summer Research
Hidetaka IdeguchiRole of complement in Th17 induction in the periodontiumVisting Scholar
Tetsuhiro KajikawaResolution of inflammation: Mechanisms and complement therapeutic approaches in periodontitis; LAD-associated periodontitis and MAIT cellsPost-doc
Jennifer L. KraussComplementary immune evasion by the oral pathogen P. gingivalisGraduate/PhD
Pacharee KulwattanapornsFRP5 expressions in healthy and chronic periodontitis tissuesGraduate/Master's
Xiaofei LiTissue immunity and homeostasis: role of DEL-1; Trained innate immunity and comorbiditiesPost-doc
Tomoki MaekawaNovel approaches to inhibit inflammatory periodontal bone lossPost-doc
Kathryn MasonTET2-mediated clonal hematopoiesis effects on T lymphocytesDMD Student/Summer Research
Megan L. McIntoshBlockade of CXCR4 inhibits P. gingivalis colonization in vivo and subsequent periodontal bone lossGraduate/PhD
Fatimah MeshikhesMilk fat globule-Epidermal growth factor-Factor 8 (MFG-E8) as a novel biomarker for periodontal diseaseGraduate/Master's
Kosuke NagaiRole of 1,4 DCPA/hydrogel in periodontal bone regenerationVisiting Scholar
Deanne L. PierceRole of fimbriae in P. gingivalis pathogenesisPost-doc
Shuang LiangOral immunity and Toll-like receptorsPost-doc
Kalyani PyaramStructure-function studies on DEL-1Post-doc
Muhamad Ali K. ShakhatrehDevelopment of a mouse model of P. gingivalis infection: Association with proinflammatory cytokine induction and periodontal bone lossGraduate/Master's
Anisha Shah Investigating the effect of fungal-derived β-glucan on trained osteoclastogenesisSummer Student
Jieun ShinMechanisms and regulation of osteoclastogenesis in periodontitisPost-doc
Da-Yo YuhThe homeostatic factor DEL-1 promotes periodontal bone regeneration during resolution of periodontitisDScD (Doctorate) Student
Baomei WangRegulation of mucosal inflammation and innate lymphoid cellsPost-doc
Hui WangRole of DEL-1 in bone loss disorders
Clonal hematopoiesis and inflammatory comorbidities
Research Associate
Min WangPattern recognition of P. gingivalis virulence factorsPost-doc
Camille ZenobiaMechanisms of LAD-associated periodontitisPost-doc